Product Summary Sheet

The ability to prepare and work with a product summary sheet is an essential skill for an agricultural salesperson. Two types are recommended.

One product summary sheet is for the salesperson themselves. This is essentially a script for a sales call. It will include some of the following information:

product summary sheet

  • Salesman Name/Contact Info
  • Customer’s name and position
  • Customer’s background (i.e.: dairy farmer, landscaper, retail store owner)
  • Customer’s needs
  • Product/service to be sold
  • Method of demonstration
  • Features of the product
  • Benefits of the product
  • Product of service price per unit
  • Sales Call Objective
  • List two possible objections
  • Examples of two or more competitors and their prices

This summary sheet or script will be very helpful on a sales call. The salesperson will review immediately prior to the call, perhaps upon arrival before greeting the customer. Then, the salesperson will be ready to make the sale.

The next sort of product summary sheet is a sales pamphlet. This pamphlet will contain information to help persuade the customer to buy the product. It will also have the salesperson’s contact information for future reference.