Agricultural Sales Careers

Agriculture salesmen sell agricultural products and services such as feed, medicines, farm and garden equipment, dairy, and poultry. As a salesman they also demonstrate use of agricultural equipment or machines, prepare reposts of business transactions, recommend products to customers, and talk with customers about purchasing and installation of products. They basically act as a salesman but specifically for agriculture.

As for job requirements its pretty standard, a basic knowledge of sales and marketing, they have to know methods of displaying their products and such tactics and techniques, mathematics, must be able to apply the use of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics. English, they need to be able to use proper grammar and spelling of words. Economics and accounting, a basic knowledge of banking and the showing of their financial data. Customer and personal service is important, to know how to work around the customer’s concerns and make sure the sale is satisfactory to both parties.

The salary is subject to change based on area of business but the average salary for an agriculture salesman is $61,000. There are thousands of job opportunities in agricultural sales depending on the area of concentration and the availability is quite high. It’s a popular and good paying job for anyone interested in sales since it covers almost all parts of agriculture.